The National Catholic Review

January 23, 2017

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It Is Time to Fix Our Sunday School Culture

When choosing to believe is more and more a revolutionary act, religious education must do much more than hand on the basic tenets of the faith. 

The United States Must End Its Exceptional Tolerance of Landmines

Today thousands of civilians worldwide are maimed or killed each year by these indiscriminate weapons of war.


Walking With Peter
Michael O'Loughlin

A confident pope sets a new example for governing the church.

Beyond the Wall
Ashley McKinless

Stories from the other side of the immigration crisis

Books and Culture

Living in James Baldwin's America
Olga Segura

“The world is not white; white is [merely] a metaphor for power.” 

Can “Planet Earth II” Help Us Love the Ugly Animals Too?
Philip Nahlik

The second installment of the BBC series treats animals like movie stars. 

The Native American Holy Man who did not surrender all to the Jesuits
Thomas Powers

What Black Elk taught his people was to depend on the trust that prayers in their own language, delivered in their own way, would reach the god they addressed.

An evangelical pilgrimage in reverse
Maurice Timothy Reidy

“Sin bravely so that you may know the forgiveness of God.”

A small land with an outsized role
Joseph McAuley

While it has long been a gleam in the Russian eye, it has been a thorn for Western diplomacy.

Can Obama’s policies survive a Trump regime?
Robert David Sullivan

After decades of books that described presidential campaigns as thrill rides, political scientists have begun to push back.

Grace Enough
Brendan Busse

“There were so many things in the Exercises that changed me and transformed me, that showed me who I was...and where I believe God wants me to be.”