Short Take

Faith Short Take
Broderick L. Greer March 29, 2017
“Where might you expect to find the baptized?” asks Rowan Williams in Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer. “In the neighbourhood of chaos,” he replies.
Politics & Society Short Take
Michel Paradis March 29, 2017
The Guantánamo tribunals create a precedent that endangers us all.
Arts & Culture Short Take
Mark Bosco, S.J. March 28, 2017
How unfortunate that the arts are caught in the cross-hairs of a ruptured and increasingly misguided political system.
Arts & Culture Short Take
Jim McDermott March 23, 2017
Facing one’s clinginess, having to let go—it’s the last lesson, the real revelation of the ascension.
Politics & Society Short Take
Eileen Markey March 21, 2017
The media is not the “enemy of the people.” We are the people’s detectives.
Politics & Society Short Take
Ellen K. Boegel March 15, 2017
Federal laws limit the politicization of the government. It may be time for the public to demand those laws be strengthened.