Faith in Focus

Faith Faith in Focus
John Jay HughesApril 27, 2017
Celebrating Mass was wonderful the first time I did it 63 years ago. It is, if possible, even more wonderful today.
Faith Faith in Focus
Eric GregoryApril 21, 2017
Christopher’s death gave five people the chance to live.
Photo credit: © Anthony Vazquez Photography
Faith Faith in Focus
Tracey WigfieldApril 20, 2017
Turns out, like having a kid or climbing Mount Everest or doing anything worth doing, you can’t sorta get married.
"The Two Marys Watch the Tomb of Jesus," by James Tissot.
Faith Faith in Focus
James Martin, S.J.April 15, 2017
We are called to the wait of the Christian, which is called hope.
Faith Faith in Focus
Ken BagstadApril 12, 2017
I was the Jewish equivalent of a Christmas-and-Easter Christian. Then I met Jesus on the trail.
Faith Faith in Focus
Barton T. Geger, S.J.April 06, 2017
Among the saints, Ignatius Loyola is something of a “quote magnet.”