March 18, 2013

Vol.208 / No.9

March 18, 2013

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell March 06, 2013

The Catholic imagination of the Irish playwright Teresa Deevy

Signs Of the Times

Car bombings and sectarian tension generated a sense of renewed crisis in Iraq during February.

James Hanvey February 25, 2013

Just southeast of Rome stands the small church of St. Mary in Palmis, better known as the Church of Domine Quo Vadis. It takes its name from the legend of St. Peter’s meeting with Christ as he flees persecution in Rome. “Lord, where are you going?” Peter asks. “To Rome to be

The Editors March 06, 2013

Who goes to the hole, and for how long, is often decided with little or no due process.

Signs Of the Times
Catholic News Service March 06, 2013

The Indonesian government is failing to protect the country’s religious minorities from growing intolerance and violence, Human Rights Watch said in a new report. The report documents government failure to confront militant groups, whose harassment and assaults on houses of worship and me

Denis R. Janz March 06, 2013

John W. O'Malley's Trent recounts the church's seminal 16th century council.