Saints, Not Superheroes

March 20, 2017

Vol.216 / No.6

March 20, 2017

Medieval Persian manuscript depicting Muhammad leading Abraham, Moses and Jesus in prayer.
Arts & Culture Books
Thomas P. RauschFebruary 16, 2017

The Islamic Jesus draws on the presentation of Christ in the Quran to find new common ground for the People of the Book. 

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio washes and kisses the feet of residents of a shelter for drug users during Holy Thursday Mass in 2008 at a church in a poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The challenges and experiences of the church in Latin America figure heavily in Pope Francis' papacy, especially when it comes to making bishop appointments, addressing global issues and the pastoral care of the poor and the marginalized. (CNS photo/Enrique Garcia Medina, Reuters) See VATICAN-LETTER-LATIN
Arts & Culture Books
John A. ColemanMarch 07, 2017

John A. Coleman, S.J., reviews "A Church of the Poor: Pope Francis and the Transformation of Orthodoxy" by Clemens Sedmak.

Arts & Culture Poem
February 15, 2017

Al Kiddush Hashem(to sanctify His name)
We will climb this last cold hillside
where morning leaves its breath
upon the uncomplaining stones,

Faith The Word
Michael SimoneMarch 17, 2017

John wrote this Gospel to show how easy it is for any of us to lose sight of Jesus, even when he works openly.

Faith The Word
Michael SimoneMarch 17, 2017

We might not embody new life with such Christ-like perfection that we can raise the dead, but we can reveal the new creation in other ways.

Politics & Society Last Take
George J. MitchellFebruary 24, 2017

On St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate our Irish heritage and our good fortune to be Americans.