The Bible and The Digital World

October 17, 2016

Vol.215 / No.11

October 17, 2016

Arts & Culture
Christopher J. Coyne October 03, 2016

Nurturing the seed of faith in a distracted society.

Betsy Shirley October 03, 2016

“That question rarely comes up outside of the U.S.,” says Mr. Huguenin when I ask if he thinks audio Bibles are somehow less authoritative or holy than printed Bibles.”It’s really easy for those in other countries to embrace the audio,” he explains. And even though we in the United States are most

Vincent J. Miller October 03, 2016

The internet has profoundly changed the social and moral space of everyday life.

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J. October 06, 2016

I belong to the last generation of college students who wrote their term papers on a typewriter—for one year. By the time I entered my sophomore year, I was writing on a word processor; by the time I graduated, I was staring into the blue-grey screen of a Macintosh.

Magazine Letters
Our readers October 06, 2016

What our readers are saying.

Faith Editorials
The Editors October 04, 2016

Hispanics made up 70 percent of the church’s growth in the last 50 years.

G. Ronald Murphy October 06, 2016

St. Pope Gregory the Great is treated in three sections: first as an ascetic theologian and monk, then as a pastor and selector of pastors and finally as a Roman prefect.