The National Catholic Review
America is pleased to introduce its first audio slide show. Catholic artist Alfonse Borysewicz, profiled in the February 11 issue, narrates a tour of his work.

Watch the slide show.


James Sedwick | 2/19/2008 - 8:54am
I welcome the mystery of Mr. Borysewicz's work--it is moving, and I don't know why.
Terry Halladay | 2/5/2008 - 9:39pm
Yoy've got to be kidding! The icon type madonnas are elegant with 4th century sweetness and reverence but the rest of the "paintings" are a mystery to me.
JANET SMITH REV | 2/3/2008 - 2:20am
Thank you very much indeed - a wonderful start to this Sunday morning...I found Alphonse and his art very sympathetic...I loved the lamb!

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