The National Catholic Review

I sat upon a window-seat.
“Sit here.” I squatted at his feet.

“I could not see you for the light.”
Sun shone that day with solstice might.

At the feet of the master, I
was held, eye by glistening eye.

Seventy-five spoke; twenty-five
listened; poetry came alive:

“The thinking heart; the feeling mind.”
“Delight and wisdom.” All in kind.

Flown, fifty-five years—flown, not lost,
that afternoon with Robert Frost.

John Fandel was poetry editor at Commonweal from 1963 to 1979 and is emeritus professor at Manhattan College, after a teaching career of 39 years at Notre Dame, Fordham and elsewhere. He was Frost Poetry Scholar at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference

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