The National Catholic Review

Make husband’s breakfast
Tell him my name
Encourage use of toilet
Help with shower
Assist with dressing
Look over dirty clothes
wash what I can, throw out rest
Make shopping list:
waterproof pads for bed
protective undergarments
more briefs & t-shirts

Feed husband lunch
Tell him my name
Go shopping - come home quickly
Change bed linens
wash what I can, throw out rest
Answer husband’s questions about bed pads
Answer them again
Answer them again
Write note of explanation
Explain the note
Revise the note
Excuse myself (use of bathroom
is not considered hiding)
Keep husband awake until after supper
Cook something soft
Serve husband dinner
Say goodnight
Join Wolfy on sofa
Let him tell me what all dogs know.

Susan Luckstone Jaffer has worked as a journalist and editor and has poetry published in Yankee, Lyric and Light, among other journals. Recently widowed, she lives in rural Pennsylvania with Wolfy and other animal companions. This poem is one of the three runners-up in the 2006 Foley Poetry Contest.

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