A Goodbye For Now

For nearly a year it's been a great privilege for me to be one of the members of the "In All Things" blogging team and I thank America for trusting me with this space. I'm tremendously grateful for everyone who clicks and reads and especially to those who take the time to offer their views or to share experiences. An underlying theme of many columns has been to heighten awareness of psychological suffering—it is everywhere and all around us—to make others aware of this. Another goal has been to pick topics worthy of close examination from disciplines like literature or history that engage the faith with today's world—often in ways that defy simple categorization.

I've been volunteering my services to America as part of a ministry of my own creation. Right now it's the end of the semester and my day job and other responsibilities (inlcluding caring for my son with Down syndrome, always a 24/7 endeavor) make it hard for me to devote full attention to blogging, so I have decided to take a break. I'll be reassessing the direction in which I'd like my writing to go in the future, hopefully expanding some of this to include larger pieces also where I can examine topics in more depth as well as conduct interviews and write lengthier features. I thank all of you heartily, send best wishes for a Blessed Easter, and look forward to us connecting again.

William Van Ornum


Evander Lomke
6 years ago
Thank you, Bill, for your grace and wisdom, and for your time.
Allyse Bamonte
6 years ago
Dr. Van Ornum,
  Great picture :) Thanks for your postings and for sharing them with your students (myself included). I really enjoyed being able to read and comment on these topics/issues that often aren't a part of my education. It was great to see so many viewpoints, and especially your own. I admire your "way with words" and how you inspired so many others to really start thinking. Have a great "break" if you can even call it that. I'm sure you will still be just as busy! Hope you have fun spending more time with your family. Happy Easter! Thank you.
Lia DeGregorio
6 years ago
Dr. Van Ornum,
I agree with Allyse, great picture! Thank you for giving so many people the opportunity to open their minds and engage in meaningful discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your postings and voicing my opinions, while still viewing the opinions of others. I look forward to reading what you write in the future. Enjoy your time off and have a great Easter! =)
6 years ago
Dr. van Ornum,

I feel like an echo.  But thank you, too.  One of my favorite songs from Oliver is

''Be Back Soon.'' 
Janice Feng
5 years 12 months ago
Dr. Van Ornum,

I appreciate all the postings that you have written this past semester. The variety and depth of the topics you chose to talk about allowed many of us to see into a world or thought that we normally would not have been able to. It was also nice to be reminded of the existence of both psychology and faith in everything that is around us. Thank you.
Rachel Flaherty
5 years 12 months ago
Hi Professor!
I have enjoyed reading all of your postings.  They have truly been inspiring and gotten me to think about things that I may not have ever considered before.  Thanks for all of the good reads; your postings will be greatly missed!

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