Father Jim, Steve Colbert and Pope Glenn Beck I?

Father Jim Martin made another emergency spiritual call on Comedy Central as part of his side gig, The Colbert Report chaplain. This time Jim stopped by to explain a little about Catholic Social Teaching and why Glen Beck probably wouldn't make a good pope. Colbert still doesn't seem to get it. I don't know what's up with that guy:

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Kevin Clarke



William Brown
6 years 9 months ago
Father Jim and Mr. Colbert have done an excellent job of misrepresenting the most important point Mr. Beck was making about social justice by clipping the full message.   Father Jim may have accidentally become a conspirator to Mr. Colbert by not doing his homework.
What Mr. Beck was stating about Social Justice is the following:
1.   If the messenger states that one should give to the poor of their choice based on their Christian values, which is great and should be encouraged.
2.  If the messenger states that you should support your government's efforts to re-distribute the wealth by taking from those of wealth (any kind of wealth) then run from the messenger.   When someone else decides what you can do with your money, it is wrong and there is nothing Christian about it.    This is about encouraging large socialist government activities and not in any way about serving the poor. It is all about controlling your life.
Those on the left want to make lite of Mr. Beck and the information he is providing.  That is because they cannot prove him wrong.   Please don't take my word for it, listen to Beck and find the evidence of him lying to you.    It just is not there.  
If Father Jim supports the protection of life, he should be taking a hard look at our new health care program.   For it allows rationing of health care and someone else besides the immediate family deciding on the methods of care for your family members.    Both the President and his staff have indicated that we (the society, i.e. government) cannot spend endlessly (rationing) on an individual's health to save them a few months of life.    It is my belief that life is precious and should always be protected and cared for.   More specifically, a government bureaucrat does not have the right to make that decision for me.   
Mr. Beck is yelling as loud as he can, "Get educated, and don’t take the media as providing honest and unbiased information".   Please read the information, check the facts from several sources and always go to the source.    
The progressives must paint Mr. Beck and other conservatives as radical, for if they (Beck, etc) gain your trust, the progressives are done.    They are trying to silence the conservative movement.
Beth Cioffoletti
6 years 11 months ago
totally, totally cool, Fr. Jim!  What a great way to share the message of Jesus.
Franz K.
6 years 11 months ago
What a great way to engage viewers of the Report, even if they would probably not take the likes of Glen Beck seriously.  Father Jim and Stephen Colbert provided good talking points about the Church's position in an engaging, humorous manner.  That is much needed to present reason in response to the negative, judgmental (and often flat-out incorrect) views presented by self-professed Catholics like the ''Catholic League'' or Bill O'Reilly.
This type of reasonable dialogue, and the Church's many examples of humble, discrete service to the poor, needy and oppressed are much better to engage lapsed Catholics than any high-handed lecture or unfair guilt trip.  As Father Jim wrote recently in America, God is ready for us as we are, with all our flaws.
Thank you Father Jim and thanks Stephen!
Marie Rehbein
6 years 11 months ago
Was that off the cuff or rehearsed, that if Glenn Beck became Pope then Fr. Jim would have to leave the Church?
Stephen SCHEWE
6 years 11 months ago
Hilarious!  And great under the table evangelism ...
6 years 11 months ago
Fr. Jim Martin at his best!  Please share this with others.. I did!
Teresa NOLET
6 years 11 months ago
Father Jim's interview with Colbert is a great example of effective and creative use of the media for evangelization.  I appreciate how Colbert lives his faith ''on the air'' (or should I say ''ert''?!)  It's great that Fr. Jim is the official chaplain of the show!

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