Catholic Colbert

In case you missed "The Colbert Report" last night, here’s a conversation about vocation, the vow of poverty and an unusual new image of God.

James Martin, S.J.

8 years ago
That was great :) You're so approachable that my sister, who isn't even a christian, has borrowed two of your books from me and is now a big fan of yours.
8 years ago
Wow! I caught two of your media appearances this week. Like everyone else, I enjoyed ''My Life With the Saints.'' Not only did I enjoy the stories of the saints, but I liked the stories about your childhood. I am a little older than you ,and I grew up in the same area, but I went to Abp. Kennedy. I remember the heyday of the Plymouth Meeting Mall.
8 years ago
Dear Crystal, Thanks so much! Hope your sister buys some books for her friends, too! :) Dear Carol C, Really? Abp Kennedy? Wow. I'm PW '78 (and went to Epiphany). And the Mall is still going strong. My mom still lives right around the corner, almost. Dear Maria, Thanks! You might try "A Jesuit Off-Broadway," a sort of sequel. Dear Marie R., Yes, it is hard to be a priest sometimes, but also very rewarding, just like any state in life. I hope your son finds joy in whatever path God holds out for him. Peace, Jim
8 years ago
A few weeks ago, I was reading "My Life with the Saints" and enjoying it so much I was recommending it to my 16 year old son. He was too busy, he said, but then last night on Colbert, listening to Fr. Martin, he said, "I like this guy" and "don't we have his book?". Will he want to become a priest? I don't know. Would I encourage it? I don't know that either. It seems to me that it is not because he would be bad at it or that celibacy or poverty would trip him up. My reservations are that the Church would not treat him very well, that people outside the Church would demand things from him that no person can provide, and that the only person who would truly be concerned for his best interests would be me until I die after which he would go to pieces just like so many priests that I have met did when they no longer had mothers around to set them straight.
8 years ago
We need to see more regular priests engaging regular people in the mainstream media, rather than only preaching to the choir on EWTN. You represent Catholics well, padre. Two questions: Why aren't we seeing more like engagement from priests? Did Steven Colbert reach out to you or did you take the initiative and contact him?
8 years ago
Dear Matt, Thanks for your question. The Colbert Report had initially reached out to me two years ago after I did an op-ed on Mother Teresa. Since then I've been on a few times, and enjoy it every time! Peace, Jim
8 years ago
It was another fun appearance to watch. Congrats on you now being the ''Chaplain'' of the show. I hope that means we'll see more of you on the Report. :-) After your first appearance, I immediately bought "My Life With the Saints" and couldn't put it down. I was sad when I got to the end, because there was no more to read. Thank you for making our faith accessible as well as enjoyable to read about. :-)
8 years ago
Thank you so much Father Jim! I too saw you on 'The Colbert Report' and had to think that maybe you should appear once a week. (Just like you do on youtube.) Truly doing the true work of Vatican II - spreading the gospel using communication. St. Ignatius of Loyola would be proud. Have a terrific Lent.

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