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The dictionary names drones
“male bees making no honey”
or “parasitic loafers”

Reapers and Predators
eleven million dollars each
an altogether grim business

good try, but it wouldn’t
happen without one of us

250 pairs of “eyes in the sky”
pilots in Nevada
bombing civilians in Iraq

“engaging insurgents
successfully” taking them out
and making it home in time for dinner

“enlarging the battlefront”
when you back off far enough
around a globe you become the enemy

Patricia Ryan, R.S.M., has recently published a book of poetry, Also Born of the Fire.

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Patricia Ryan | 1/5/2010 - 7:43pm
Beth, you got it. The Drones are scary, weird and downright insane.
Beth Cioffoletti | 1/3/2010 - 8:27pm

Scary, weird, and downright insane.

I keep wondering why no one says what this poem says.

Thank you.

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