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Seeing this Seth Rogen bro-mantic comedy is your patriotic duty.

Once upon a Christmas Eve many years ago
When I was a wide-eyed young boy
My head was full of anticipated Christmas joys
That were to come in the morning when all would be merry and bright
Where, amidst the wrappings of all those presents “upon the tree”
There would be Christmas cheer for everyone, including little old me.

The Christmas season has evoked a number of essays on faith and religion, including essays from two regular columnists at the New York Times and one from Eric Metaxas in the Wall Street Journal. 

T.M. Lurhmann, professor at Stanford, in "Religion Without God" (12/24) wrote:

During the holiday season, there is a spirit of giving in the air that transcends belief.

No one can love us like family, and no one can hurt like family.

Pope Francis highlighted the killing and maltreatment of children in so many countries as he issued a passionate plea for peace in his second Christmas message to the city of Rome and to the World ( “Urbi et Orbi”), and reminded his global audience that “Jesus is the salvation for every person and for every people.” 

Speaking to tens of thousands of people gathered in St Peter’s Square, at midday on Christmas day, the first Latin American pope also prayed for the victims of Ebola in three African countries and urged the international community to help them.

One soldier and then another imitated the one who came among us as an infant.

Rocks and angry, smashing waves. The film opens and closes on a dismal wilderness of a northwestern Russian seacoast where, to the roar of a funereal organ, the foaming surf smashes against the cliffs. The rotting skeletons of wrecked ships litter the sand and crumbling wharves, while, like the skeleton of a prehistoric monster in a museum, the giant ribs of a long-dead whale curve upward like a ghost or a pagan god delivering a message that has not yet sunk in.

We didn't know yet what Christmas in the convent meant.

Board made considerable effort to vindicate just demands of both universities and adjuncts

Adjunct instructors at St. Michael's