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When many saw Catholics as untrustworthy citizens, Hamilton argued for their full inclusion as American citizens.

The assembly will be examining what is widely referred to as the Eighth Amendment, which gives effect to Ireland’s ban on abortion.

'We have a pope who is casual, imprecise and a fan of hyperbole. That is a new, hard thing.'

Tom Hoopes (photo provided)

Activists are demanding that the New York Senator take a stand against the Algonquin natural gas pipeline.

The statement was signed by more than 70 women active in various Catholic ministries.

The pope is seeking to get the government and opposition to negotiate a peaceful solution to the present crisis.

Where we choose to click and what we choose to read matters. Collecting these stories cost some people their lives. Why not honor that sacrifice?

The pope spoke about what he considers the most important work Jesuits are called to in the 21st century.

The vice chancellor had to be escorted out of the church, over the sanctuary and through the back entrance, protected by clergy, peace monitors and organizers of the meeting.

Pride may well be the first deadly sin to arrive and the last to leave.