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America is a smart, Catholic take on faith and culture, the leading provider of editorial content for thinking Catholics and those who want to know what Catholics are thinking. America leads the conversation about faith and culture by producing excellent, unique, relevant and accessible content across multiple platforms. Our contributors are the principal figures in the American Catholic Church today, the decision-makers and opinion leaders who drive the ecclesial and civic debate about religion, society, politics and the arts. Those with something to say to the American church say it in America: popes and presidents, Nobel laureates, world-renowned scholars, distinguished men and women of letters, and even everyday professionals and students. Our weekly magazine, America, has been published continuously since 1909, making it one of the oldest periodicals in the United States today.

America’s reputation for excellence extends to every corner of the church. Our work has garnered more than 125 awards from the Catholic Press Association alone, the largest Catholic media trade group in North America. Our flagship print edition has won the CPA’s award for general excellence five times since 2000; and America’s website won first place in its category for six consecutive years from its relaunch in 2008. In 2014, we set a new record: the most CPA award wins in our history.

Our Platforms

AMERICA: The National Catholic Review

Our flagship publication is the leading Catholic journal of opinion in the United States and the only Catholic weekly magazine in North America. Published every Monday from September to June and biweekly in July and August, America magazine is known across the Catholic world for its unique brand of excellent, relevant, accessible and impactful coverage of faith and culture. From theology and spirituality to politics, international relations, arts and letters, and the economy and social justice, America’s coverage spans the globe. We tell the stories that matter most to the church and the world.

AMERICA | Digital

America’s digital platforms include KindleNook and Google Play (for Apple and Android), as well as, honored as best website by the Catholic Press Association for six consecutive years. Every print subscriber has full access to all website content and we curate content to drive non-subscriber traffic as well. Complementary and exclusive digital content includes:

• Blogs—by America contributors on Scripture, politics, Jesuit education and international affairs.

• Videos—produced by America Films and aggregated from Catholic News Service and elsewhere.

• Podcasts—featuring lively conversations with Catholic personalities from across the spectrum of ecclesial and public opinion.

• Slideshows—of events and exhibits around the country

Social media is one of the principal ways that America leads the conversation. Our community editor’s fulltime responsibility is to generate conversation, traffic and buzz through our digital platforms. Editors, staff and authors are all expected to maintain a vigorous social media presence. Father James Martin, S.J., for example, America’s editor at large, leads a highly engaged social media ministry, with nearly 100,000Facebook fans and almost 50,000 Twitter followers.


America’s book platform publishes new editions of original and archival content. Titles include A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis as well as Praying with America, With God in Russia andThe Documents of Vatican II.


America produces events and programming that bring the conversation about faith and culture to you, in person and on the ground.


America–This Week is our weekly radio broadcast on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, the largest worldwide radio broadcaster measured by revenue. America–This Week is the channel’s smart Catholic voice on faith and culture.

AMERICA | Films 

Led by Father Jeremy Zipple, S.J., award-winning documentarian and former producer for National Geographic, America Films is responsible for all aspects of America’s video production. Watch the debut feature from America films, "Jesuit and Lakota: Graduation at Red Cloud."


The Jesuit Post is the online ministry operated entirely by young Jesuits in formation and focused on reaching people in their 20s and 30s. Previously under the sponsorship of the U.S. Jesuit Conference, The Jesuit Post is now published by America Media to support its ongoing efforts to reach new and younger audiences. Established in 2012, The Jesuit Post addresses the intersection of faith and culture, focusing on both sacred and secular issues, and everything in between, because God does too.