The silver dome of Our Lady of the Spasm Armenian Catholic Church and the golden Dome of the Rock rise over the Old City of Jerusalem. (iStock/rrodrickbeiler)
In Europe the Christian population is dying faster than it is being replaced. In North America, the number of Christian deaths will begin to exceed the number of births to Christian parents by around 2050.
Kevin ClarkeApril 20, 2017

Pope Francis in Egypt: seeking better relations with the Muslim world

Pope Francis will be in Egypt for two days beginning on April 28.

Bill O’Reilly meets Pope Francis. How did that happen?

Bill O'Reilly, a Catholic, who last year challenged the pope’s views on immigration and promised to convince him of the need for reform, shook hands briefly with the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics at the Vatican.

Will he or won't he? Speculation builds on Trump meeting with Pope Francis

The Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke, told America that no official request for an audience had arrived at the Vatican from the U.S. president as of late Wednesday evening, April 19.