Kevin Spinale Oct 04, 2018
Alan Jacobs’s new book is a collage of the intellectual considerations of five thinkers who, in their experience of the violence of World War II and their revulsion at the fascism that fueled it, contemplate the nature of education and its renewal after the anticipated Allied victory.
Ann M. Begley Aug 30, 2010
Arthur Koestler was a man of controversy in death as in life.
Ann M. Begley Sep 26, 2011
The curious life of J. D. Salinger
Tim Reidy Jun 04, 2008
Readers of the work of literary critic and novelist James Wood will know that he is God-haunted The title of his first novel was after all The Book against God Wood s preoccupation with God specifically the problem of evil is addressed head-on this week s New Yorker in which he cons
Brenna Moore Jan 28, 2016
'Simone Weil,' by Simone Weil
A reflection for the second Friday of Advent
Kelly Cherry Feb 17, 2015
'The Liar's Wife,' by Mary Gordon
Jennifer Ochstein Sep 07, 2017
Why exchange one brand of Christianity for another with similar hang-ups?
French President Emmanuel Macron listens to speeches at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on April 17. (AP Photo/Jean Francois Badias)
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry Apr 18, 2018
President Emmanuel Macron scandalized secularists by praising Catholic contributions to French public life, but he has yet to work toward religious liberty.
John J. Savant May 24, 2010
It may not be too much to call Edward Hirsch a theologial poet.