August 06, 2014
These two books come from cultured and urbane Catholic professors of theology one at Boston College Imbelli and the other at St Mary rsquo s University Twickenham London Bullivant Neither needs to raise his voice to make his case effectively Both are concerned albeit in different ways to
October 08, 2012
How the council is still shaping the church
April 09, 2012
What does resurrection mean for us?
March 24, 2008
Pope Benedict and Peter's proclamation
January 21, 2008
Pope attacks the cruelty of Atheism" and Pope Replies to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins were two of the headlines that greeted Benedict XVIs second encyclical, Saved by Hope (Spe Salvi). An Anglican bishop was more on target when he told me: I welcome this encyclical on Christian hope. Hope is
December 10, 2007
An analysis of the encyclical 'Spe Salvi'
June 04, 2007
Now two years into his papacy Pope Benedict XVI has published a work that is fast becoming a bestseller everywhere ldquo This book rdquo he stipulates ldquo is in no way an exercise rdquo of his official magisterium but ldquo solely rdquo a testimony to his ldquo personal search for the f
Sacro Monte di Crea; The finding of the empty tomb of Christ, statues by Antonio Brilla, 1889 (Wiki Commons) 
April 21, 2003
As Easter comes round again, many wonder how to understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its message for us.
December 20, 1975
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