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Jesuit High School


Jesuit High School, located in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 1956 by the Society of Jesus and is part of a 462-year Jesuit educational tradition. Jesuit High School is a non-profit, coeducational college-preparatory school for grades 9-12 that serves 1,280 students of all religious faiths and backgrounds and is comprised of 130 faculty and staff. Jesuit's curriculum is founded in the educational philosophy of Jesuit founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola. In anticipation of a major capital and endowment campaign, the school is in the midst of a Long-Range Strategic Planning Study. The most recent $25 million Endow the Future campaign focused on financial aid endowment, faculty/staff endowment, legacy gifts, and the construction of two new buildings on campus. Jesuit High School enjoys a wonderful tradition of philanthropic support and has an enthusiastic Board of Trustees. For more information about Jesuit High School, please visit



Jesuit education fosters the harmonious development of the adolescent student’s gifts: spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic. Jesuit High School hopes to accomplish this development by demonstrating a personal concern for individuals, a special concern for the poor, an articulate wisdom, enthusiasm, and a sense of community. In so doing, the school strives to graduate leaders who are committed to serve God and their fellow men and women. Our goal is to develop students with a profound sense of justice founded in love, i.e., leaders who are "men and women for others."



The President is hired by, and responsible to, the Jesuit High School Board of Trustees, which in turn is responsible to the Secondary School Board of Members of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus. The president is missioned as the Director of the Work by the Provincial of the Oregon Province. As the chief executive officer of the school, the President will have overall responsibility for the management of Jesuit High School and for providing leadership to its educational mission and values consistent with directives of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus. The leadership responsibility extends to the student population and the Jesuit High School faculty and staff. The President will also be the institutional spokesperson and will represent the school to internal and external community groups.


The President is appointed by the Board of Trustees for an indefinite term, based upon the Board’s annual evaluation of him or her, and he or she remains an ex officio voting member of that Board during his or her tenure at Jesuit High School. He or she is responsible for the school’s religious tone, educational direction, and financial viability.


With support from the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, Principal, Vice President of Development and any supporting administration, the President will work to strengthen the school’s academic reputation. In addition, the President will have responsibility for the sound fiscal management of the institution and should, therefore, provide leadership, in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, in the establishment of annual and long-term goals and objectives. The President will work with the Board of Trustees and staff members to maintain a program of excellence within budgetary constraints. As part of these financial viability responsibilities, the President will oversee an annual operating budget and endowment. Another responsibility is for the President to provide the vision for the long-term development and enhancement of the school while stimulating academic conversation among faculty and staff regarding short-term operating issues.




START DATE:  July 1, 2016