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Clayton Sinyai

Bishops concerned over cuts to programs that serve the poor and vulnerable.

Popes since Leo XIII have supported workers' associations.

Board made considerable effort to vindicate just demands of both universities and adjuncts

Adjunct instructors at St. Michael's

Soon after Georgetown’s adjunct faculty and administration modeled collaborative labor-management relations for the world in their recent contract negotiations, faculty at another Catholic campus have opted for union representation. Adjuncts at St. Michael's College in Vermont  have voted 2-1 to form a union.

Is the decline of stable, blue-collar jobs related to falling marriage rates?

Two years of organizing and bargaining at Georgetown University came to a successful conclusion October 28 when adjunct instructors there ratified a proposed contract reached in September. (See also Kevin Clarke’s Oct. 10 post).

Growing movement helps formerly incarcerated gain employment

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, Chair of the U.S.C.C.B. Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, has issued this year’s Labor Day Statement on behalf of the bishops' conference. As always, the statement is a powerful call to live out our faith, and gives us “the chance to see how work in America matches up to the lofty ideals of our Catholic tradition.”

The speaker at the Falls Church, Virginia Memorial Day observance began with the usual acknowledgements. “Do we have any World War II veterans among us today?” A few elderly men stood and received the grateful applause of the audience. “Do we have any here who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan?” the roll call continued. “Does anyone here have a spouse, son or daughter serving in Afghanistan right now?”

Today our nation and workers around the world mark Workers’ Memorial Day, pausing to remember those who have died on the job.