The National Catholic Review

Clayton Sinyai

If a bishop or school system decides to bust the union, teachers have few tools at their disposal to resist.

When the church allows—or encourages—workers to unionize, Catholic business leaders take note.

Probably not, but it may well prevent sick people in the global South from receiving treatment.

Six years after the deadly Massey coal mine explosion, has justice finally arrived?

California raises the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour, assuring every full-time worker in the Golden State a minimum $30,000 annual salary by 2022.

A handful of colleges have advanced questionable claims that respecting "Rerum Novarum" would obstruct their religious mission.

It’s those in the corner office who have the power to decide if employees are valued partners to be protected or just another cost of production.

November has seen two modest but hopeful developments for those excluded from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Proponents of free trade make an important point when they observe that reduced trade barriers have played an important role in lifting hundreds of millions in the third world out of poverty, but the “benefits” to American workers are far more dubious.

Federal agencies are racing to catch up with the structure of today’s labor market.